Heat Pump

   Has your Heat Pump seen a better day?  Or are you looking into the possibility of installing a Heat Pump in your home?  Don't worry, you're not alone.  Today's Heat Pumps are one of, if not THE, most efficient way to heat or cool your home.  Many homeowners are starting to realize the benefits of utilizing the refrigerant cycle to heat their homes.  

​    Now if you already have Central Air Ductwork in your home, then adding a Heat Pump is not too difficult.  And if you already have Central Air Conditioning, then it may be even easier.  The duct-work and refrigerant lines are already in place.  The only thing that needs installed are the indoor and outdoor units.   

     If you already have a gas or propane furnace that you like, but would like to add the efficiency of a heat pump, we can help.  The furnace would stay, and we would just place a boxed coil on top of it.  Connect it to an outdoor unit, and you're all set.  Granted, it may take some work to make that happen, but you get the idea.  Whatever your situation, whatever your budget, whatever your need, we can help make it a reality. 

I built this nice platform out of treated lumber to get this heat pump unit off the ground.

    We work with many Brands:  Rheem, Ruud, Goodman, Heil, SpacePak, Unico, Thermal Zone, Daikin and Mitsubishi to name a few.  We can find a Make and Model to fit your needs.  Call us today and inquire about the energy savings with a new Heat Pump.  We can show you some tools such as a SEER energy calculator.  It will estimate your yearly savings if your were to add or upgrade to a High Efficiency Heat Pump.

     We will perform a Manual J Heat Load Calculation of your home to ensure you have the exact right size of unit installed.  Because no two homes are the same, a Heat Load Calculation must be done in order to know exactly how your home reacts to the weather outside.  This is a science.  There's no guess work at Sheaffer Mechanical.  How else can a company stand behind their work?  

     When you're ready to see your options, give us a call, we're ready to help you.