Furnace Installation

    Some HVAC companies have a separate crew that will only do installations.  They are usually paid minimum wage, and they only know how to do exactly what they are instructed.  When faced with an unexpected dilemma, they usually lack the field experience to make the correct decision and deal with it properly.

    Don't let this happen to you.  I have seen all too often the mistakes made by rookie employees.  You can always spot the Furnace or A/C that's installed by a novice, whether it's leaking duct work, rusting cabinets, un-level units, or most commonly, equipment that is positioned in a way that it cannot be accessed for servicing.

   It's not their fault.  They are the new guys, and the installation market is often so cutthroat with its pricing, that the company can't afford to assign higher paid techs on the job.  Is that what you want to deal with?

   At Sheaffer Mechanical, we understand the importance of a quality installation.  We apply our field experience and service background to every installation we do.  Mainly because we hope to be the company that is hired to service it.  With a wide range of brands and models, we are able to fit a system to any house and to any budget.  So give us a call, and consider the overall quality of the install, and who will be doing it.