Electrical Repair

     Time is Relentless.  

     That's why you're here.  Now.  Because something in your home or office has finally reached the end of its life of service.  Was it a premature failure, or did it really go above and beyond the normal lifespan?  No matter.  We'll fix it for you.  The only question left is; Can we repair it, or does it need replaced?

     The meter base that you see to the right is not repairable.  Even if you could find new parts for it, the utility company would not allow it to be energized anyways as it doesn't meet today's ever-changing requirements.  Sometimes the question of fixing or replacing is answered for us by the National Electric Code, or the Local Utility Company.  Sometimes, it's just not worth the time to repair something.  We're here to help you know the difference, and make a good informed decision.  After all, it's your money at stake here.  

Meter Base

At Sheaffer Mechanical, we take pride in one thing above all else, and that is pleasing our customers.  We know that most people are not expecting things to break, and some people may not have the ability to replace and upgrade when that time comes.  No matter what the issue is, we will work together to find a solution that not only fits your budget, but also gives you the peace of mind knowing that it was done right.

     Growing up on a Dairy Farm, I never had a choice in the matter.  You had to find a way to repair things.  Quickly and economically too.  That mentality still leads the way for me.  Repair is always the first thought on my mind, but then I step back and start looking at the bigger picture.  And maybe depending on the situation, replacing would be the better way.  The homeowner always has the final say.

     The panel box to the left was installed to replace 3 different fuse boxes that served a small house.  That's how they did it back then.  You started out with a 4 circuit fuse box.  Then you had to add another box if you wanted some more circuits, and etc. etc.  When this house was being sold, the seller knew that it would save him in the end if he just replaced those fuse boxes and installed a new panel and meter base.  Now when that home inspector comes through, there won't be anything to mention.