Electrical Installation

 ​   We all know how important electricity is in our lives.  It powers everything!  Stop and try to think of something in your life that does NOT run on electricity.  OK, your car.  And your bicycle.  But that's it!  Everything else depends on the flow of electrons in order to work.

    I am reminded almost every day of how our usage of electric has grown and grown.  I go into older houses and hear the same old thing.  "This room only has ONE receptacle!  What were they thinking!"  The answer is; they were right on target, for that day and age.  When some of these houses were built, the only thing that ran on electricity in the home was a lamp and a radio!  Needless to say, that has changed.  Even from the '60's and '70's, the use of electric in our lives has increased many times over.​

     So if any of this sounds familiar, or maybe you are thinking of making some changes in your house, and they involve some electrical changes or updates, you've all come to the right place.  With over 15 years of house-wiring experience, I'm not going to say I've seen it all.  But I have seen just about everything I need to.  With a specialty of running wires in very tricky places, we can get that job done, and leave no sign of ever being there.  


 ​     Whether it's a ceiling paddle fan, a chandelier, a generator, jacuzzi hot tub, dimmer switches, recessed can lights, new LED lamps and fixtures, a new Breaker Panel Box, outdoor motion sensor lights, over-the-range vent hoods, GFCI outlets, sound system speakers, sub-panels and surge protectors just to name a few, we can surely help you with this project.  

     One thing I always hear from homeowners is that some contractor before left a huge mess when they were done.  And though it's not that big of a deal, it has always been one of my pet peeves.  Leaving the house in a better condition than it was has always been a main focus of mine.  Sometimes the hardest or largest part of a job is doing something that nobody will ever see; running a wire in a wall.  Half of our work is never seen.  So when the only thing the homeowner sees that I did was leave a mess, that is not acceptable.  

     So if you're looking to get some electrical work done, and would like to hire someone that will work WITH you, and make you feel at ease, please consider Sheaffer Mechanical.  We are dedicated to our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.