A/C Service & Repair

Most people would agree that we are becoming more of a "Throw Away" society.  It seems like nobody wants to fix things that are broken, or make things that can be fixed.  

   At Sheaffer Mechanical, we still believe that most of the time it is worth your while to fix what you have, instead of throwing it away and getting a new one.  You can save a lot of money by repairing that old unit and getting a few more years out of it.  We're homeowners just like you, and we know how overwhelming that can be sometimes.  

   It seems like all we hear from customers is how their past HVAC Service company always pushed a replacement system on them.  They made it sound like a brand new unit was the only solution.  


    We're here to change the way this industry has been operating.  Sheaffer Mechanical is dedicated to bringing every possible solution to your attention.  We will help you weigh out the pro's and con's, and work with you to find the solution that fits your needs.  While there are times that a total system replacement is the best option, it is almost never the only option.  That is where service and repair come in.

   With fully stocked trucks we are ready to meet the demands of repairing or servicing your Air Conditioning system.  We are fully acquainted with all brands of residential A/C equipment.  Usually within a few minutes, and always within the first hour, we will have your problem diagnosed and will discuss with you the methods of fixing it.  You will always be in control of the work being performed.  Before we make any changes, alterations, or repairs, you will be informed and give us the "Go Ahead" that we need.  

   So if you have an Air Conditioner that has seen a better day, but isn't quite ready for retirement, give us a call.  We'll help you get it fixed, AND for a price that will allow you to save your money for when you do decide to replace it.