Pre-Call Checklist

These are some steps you can take to possibly avoid a service visit.  They are in no particular order.  

  • Check if the thermostat is on.  If it takes batteries, try changing them.
  • Check if there are any breakers off.  If there are try resetting them.  (Only try this once)
  • Have you replaced the filter lately?  Check the filter.  If it is very dirty, replace the filter, then turn the AC/Furnace off (wait 1 minute) and then back on again.  
  • If your AC/Furnace is in a basement, there may be a "Kill Switch" at the top of the basement stairs.  They sometimes have a red cover plate on them, but they look just like a light switch.  Make sure it is on.
  • If you have a newer gas furnace, check the white PVC vent pipes outside.  They could be blocked with snow or other debris.