Common Industry Myths

Here I'll be sharing some common myths of the HVAC Industry that I see being pushed on homeowners.  I will post them as I see them, and when I can form my observations into words.



The Myth is........That you can only expect to get 12-15 years out of your HVAC system.

I was always taught that if it isn't broken, then don't fix it; even more importantly, don't replace it.  However, there are too many other HVAC companies putting the pressure on homeowners to replace their system.


The Truth is........that you should fix it when it is broken, and replace it when it can't be fixed anymore.  But these bigger companies teach their "Techs" to be salesman first.  They have to keep their employees busy, so they find things wrong with your system, and tell you how catastrophic it can be if you don't replace it.


The Myth is........That purchasing a new higher efficiency system will save you money.

If you upgrade from a 10 SEER system to a 14 SEER system, you will see a savings of up to $225 after 5 years, $450 after 10 years and $675 after 15 years.  (From the Lennox Energy Calculator.)  Try it for yourself:

Or you can download this free energy savings calculator from the EnergyStar.Gov website by clicking here:

The Truth is.......that you can not save money by spending it.  Spending possibly $5,000 or more to save $200 - $400 isn't really saving at all.  Saving money would be keeping your current system for another 5 years (or more) and not spending thousands.  When your system finally needs replaced, then upgrade to the more efficient system.


The Myth..........Maintenance Agreements and Service Contracts

I know what you're thinking; "But Ryan, you provide a Maintenance Agreement."  You're right, I do.  But I do not even mention it to customers unless they specifically ask, and are only interested in it and nothing else.  I have seen the bigger franchise companies come up with service contracts for water heaters!  They will stop at nothing when it comes to taking your money.  They will also not leave your house until you sign on to one of these contracts; as a customer of mine had to painfully experience.

The Truth is.........that with a very few exceptions, there is nothing to do during these servicings.  If you have a newer higher efficiency gas or propane furnace, there is really nothing to do.  It has a sealed combustion chamber, a permanently lubricated blower motor and draft motor, and stainless steel heat exchangers.  But like I said, there are always exceptions.  Some people really love and appreciate the peace of mind knowing that someone is looking over everything before the season really kicks in, and I understand that.  But 90% of the time, changing your filter is all that really needs done.  So if you're capable of changing that filter yourself, then just call me when something breaks, and I'll be right out to fix it.  Until then, save your money.  

     After hearing story after story from homeowners like you, I have come to realize that these service contracts are a gold mine for these bigger companies.  It gives them an opportunity to enter your home and conveniently find a "problem" before it becomes "catastrophic."  The truth is that the spring and fall are slow periods for these HVAC companies, and they found the ultimate way to stay busy and profitable